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Create your gamer’s profile. Add the games that you enjoy, share posts and snapshot. Tell your followers when you are online and ready to play.


Find gamers by age, and location to play the hottest new games online. Follow, message, and enjoy gaming together.


Turns out gamers like to talk about games! (and some other stuff) Join public discussions on video games, consoles, industry news, Anime, Meeting new people and much more.

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Every gamer knows that sometimes the people you co-play or PvP with are as vital as the quality of the game itself, and the people you share your game experience with are as important as the experience you're sharing. No matter what games you like, or how you like to play them - you're not alone, and Gamester is here to help you find and talk to guys girls who are just like you! Find partners for Destiny, Minecraft, Titanfall, COD, WOW, LOL, DOTA. Clash of Clans, Castle Clash, Pokemon, Super smash bros, Mario Kart 8 and many many more, across all platforms and consoles. Gamester is all about community. Respect your fellow gamer, assist, and enjoy


Great potential! So far so good. I see this app getting better and better with every update. One suggestion: I think we should have some sort of choice over who adds us as friends. Other than that, the app is great. Keep up the good work!

D Beauty

Finally! A decent gaming community! The category- based search is a good concept. As in any new app there are still some glitches in it, but the developer team is very responsive to the user feedback. I'd recommend it to all the gamers out there.

Michael Rotman

Awesome. its a great way to get involved with gaming groups and communities. good so far. its a great start for such a great idea

Djarke Cinderborn